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This site is run by Juliana Sesay owner and Managing director of Lyoa Sourced company Ltd. -an Agribusiness Company in Sierra Leone, your one stop shop for the best honey and beeswax candles, unique event souvenirs and many more local produce . Juliana is mother to a beautiful boy Jonathan , a happy and affable young lady, seeking new ways to explore and enjoy life while creating a solid foundation for the only human she loves more than herself (her son)

I work this hard so my son will be proud of his mum someday – Juliana

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Now back in bed, after having breakfast at midday, these emotions are as strong as they were when she woke up. She lied, she couldn’t fall apart in front of people. Out there, eventhough she appeared to be deep in thoughts, no one could tell she was falling apart, she had mastered the art ofContinue reading “SHE IS FALLING APART 3”


She eventually got out of bed, her little human is up, saying something that sounds like good morning in baby language, she responded to him with a good morning and he smiled. Oh yes she has to be grateful for him. She gathered the strength to get out of bed the sun was up inContinue reading “SHE IS FALLING APART 2”


Her heart feels like a log, she woke up like this. For the first time in several months she spent the night crying, missing him, feeling angry and disappointed at her fate, what life has turned out to become for her, for them. She has been crrying all night, she is confronting her pain, finallyContinue reading “SHE IS FALLING APART”

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