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This site is run by Juliana Sesay owner and Managing director of Lyoa Sourced company Ltd. -an Agribusiness Company in Sierra Leone, your one stop shop for the best honey and beeswax candles, unique event souvenirs and many more local produce . Juliana is mother to a beautiful boy Jonathan , a happy and affable young lady, seeking new ways to explore and enjoy life while creating a solid foundation for the only human she loves more than herself (her son)

I work this hard so my son will be proud of his mum someday – Juliana

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Today 10th October is world mental health day and I have chosen to particularly write about it because I believe there is a need for a national discourse here in Salone. Our people believe that the only time a person is considered to have mental health issues is when they are roaming mad in theContinue reading “MENTAL HEALTH IN SALONE”

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