WOMEN’S HEALTH CORNER – International Women’s Day 2021

Written by Dasalonetiti Rahima and Juliana Sesay Today March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day all around the world. This year’s UN theme is “women in leadership- achievingan equal future in a Covid 19 world.” There is no equal future where a woman’s life will be cut short due to childbirth and other maternalContinue reading “WOMEN’S HEALTH CORNER – International Women’s Day 2021”


Now back in bed, after having breakfast at midday, these emotions are as strong as they were when she woke up. She lied, she couldn’t fall apart in front of people. Out there, eventhough she appeared to be deep in thoughts, no one could tell she was falling apart, she had mastered the art ofContinue reading “SHE IS FALLING APART 3”


Her heart feels like a log, she woke up like this. For the first time in several months she spent the night crying, missing him, feeling angry and disappointed at her fate, what life has turned out to become for her, for them. She has been crrying all night, she is confronting her pain, finallyContinue reading “SHE IS FALLING APART”


In ancient mende history, when the gods were to host visitors in very short notice, a particular meal was always presented to the guests, as a a cassava leaves lover ome would wish it was cassava leaves but no It wasn’t.


I wanted to name this piece “a recap of 2020” but I realised that I had to talk about the police shootings and killing of countless number of people in Pademba Road Maximum Prison, the Killing of a woman and a child in Tombo and the fact that our president described those incidents as anContinue reading “WHAT A YEAR!”


Hey!!! Merry Christmas you all, It’s been forever!! Yes those exclamation marks really mean I am Shouting 😂 I miss blogging. I have been out here doing everything all at once and I haven’t had a time to write anything. But I’m back on my blog. Imagine, just yesterday I was working on christmas ordersContinue reading “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”


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